Mentoring Programme

Project ReMake is rapidly expanding to offer courses and mentoring in partnership with two organisations, Capital City College and Visionnaires. Read more about opportunities to mentor below. 

You can either apply to be a General Mentor (through Project ReMake) or a Business Mentor (through Visionnaires). A General Mentor provides ex-offenders who are registered with one of our online courses with accountability and support to ensure that they are able to take steps forward in their life. You can read more about becoming a General Mentor here. A Visionnaires Business Mentor works through Visionnaires to help start-ups from the most diverse parts of our community. You can learn more on the Visionnaires website.

We recommend that all mentoring is done remotely via Zoom/FaceTime.

Recommended reading

We strongly recommend you read the following articles and watch the videos provided by the Telemachus Network prior to applying to be a mentor:

Apply to be a General Mentor

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Become a Visionnaires Business Mentor


Visionnaires is a social enterprise helping start-ups from the most diverse parts of our community. We see this as a critical part of post-lockdown recovery. See


Our  ground-breaking programmes have helped over 150 start-ups and we are now building a pipeline of 400 enterprising Londoners funded by the Mayor of London. If you are interested in joining our mentor network, you can help support the next generation of entrepreneurs.


We will provide you with:

1. Training: to help you become an effective mentor.

2. Mentees: introductions to people starting a new business.

3. Network: you will join a network of like-minded mentors.

We do not pay fees or expenses to our mentors.


We will expect you to have:

1. Experience: personal and practical experience of either a) starting a business or b) successfully leading change and growth including team leadership and accountability to a Board.

2. Empathy: the ability to listen, ask questions and inspire your mentee.

3. Time: up to 2 hours per month for 4-6 months, more is welcome but we will not expect that.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please email the CEO at Visionnaires:

Pablo Lloyd