"It is a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to be part of Project Remake, I felt a sense of community and belongingness within its fold.  The difficulties of  accepting and forgiving one’s past and reconciling with the present is always a challenge for anyone who has traversed similar paths, it is a bridge to a future with renewed courage and outlook for a fulfilling life ahead.  A place of being oneself free of judgement and ridicule from downfalls endured, imbued with noble ideals that encourages rising up towards inspired beginnings, to hope anew, to dream again." 

John, 2021 ReMake course. 

“We became a great community and were unstoppable together.”

Jerome, 2019 ReMAKE course

“The Project ReMAKE programme fuelled my passion to start my own business. I haven’t looked back since! It gave me the opportunity to meet and work with various individuals and professionals from different parts of the industry allowing us to ask questions, test our ideas and answer some thought provoking questions. What I found most interesting and exciting was the empathises on acknowledging those transferable entrepreneurial skills we once used as offenders and how to use those skills positively now as ex-offenders.”

Dwayne, 2019 ReMAKE course

“The ReMAKE course was a great way for me to learn business skills. It gave me all the tools that I needed to start up a business and gave me the opportunity to meet and network with people to help my business take off. I would recommend it to anybody who would like to become an entrpreneneur.”

Darrell, 2019 ReMAKE course

Hear from former San Quentin inmate Kenyatta Leal

Kenyatta Leal is a founding member of the Last Mile programme of San Quentin which teaches computer coding to people in prison.  He was speaking to Dr Khan after having been released from San Quentin after 23 years of incarceration and to talk about Project Remade at Stanford University.  He is largely recognised as a success story for re-entry into society by an ex-offender.  He is also known for his TED talks on the prison start up.

“That twenty year old drug dealer earning many thousands of pounds a week whilst destroying lives, when he leaves prison, is not very likely to want to work for McDonalds for the rest of his life. That guy, like the rest of us, wants to succeed in life but, in his case, no-one has spent the time to show him that he can do that and yes, acquire the possessions you and I have - but legitimately. 


Kameel and his Project Remake give that individual and other formerly imprisoned entrepreneurial individuals the time and opportunity to see, explore, learn and achieve. 


Small businesses and entrepreneurs form the economic backbone of this country. Thousands of individuals who should be integral to our country’s well-being are behind bars - and currently time and time again. The financial, social and human cost to us all of maintaining this status quo is quite simply staggering and yet a large part of society still chooses to turn a blind eye to all of this.


Project Remake uniquely addresses this unnecessary waste of often exceptional human talent. It takes just one person to change someone’s life, even that of a drug dealer. Multiply that a few times and the outcome can be spectacular. Come and see for yourselves. I encourage you to get involved in this most inspiring and rewarding of projects.”


Andrew Leslau, Business Advisor