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ReMAKE Mentoring

Welcome to ReMAKE Mentoring


This brief summary explains how we work with Business Mentors, what we look for in selecting Business Mentors and what Business Mentors can expect from the experience.


Our Project ReMAKE programme works with formerly incarcerated people. We use entrepreneurship as a reentry tool to society. Our programme participants (referred to as Entrepreneurs) are either prison leavers or still in custody but due for release. The Entrepreneurs are supported on the entrepreneurship programme by Business Mentors and Student Advisers. 


Business Mentoring at  Project ReMAKE involves a range of skills from the Mentor. These include empathy,  being mindful of the feelings and emotions of the Entrepreneur mentees; leadership,  being able to fully support the mentee on their journey; feedback, being able to honestly and openly support the mentee in achieving their goals and overcome their challenges; problem solving, analysing the information provided by mentees to provide a different perspective and communication, supporting the mentee present information and challenges in a positive, respectful and helpful manner. Most of all being able to actively listen in a non-judgemental way.


During our programme Business Mentors will have the opportunity to make a difference and leave a lasting impact on someone’s life. While you teach, coach, and mentor our Entrepreneurs, you will be challenged, humbled, and learn a lot about yourself. Mentoring with Project ReMAKE will give those interested a unique view on life and business as well as provide a rewarding personal experience.

We are pleased to have the support of the Association of Business Mentors. As well as helping us offer best practice, they also promote ReMAKE to their membership to ensure that we have access to the right number and quality of business mentors. You can find out more about the organisations and its membership on their website: Home | The Association of Business Mentors (ABM)

What's involved

The Entrepreneur mentees will come from all walks of life and may demonstrate interrupted education and/or limited skills, often limited literacy, and the ability to use basic technology.  They may or may not have completed GCSE’s or A levels.


Our Entrepreneurs are grouped with 2 student advisors from one of our partner universities and a Business Mentor. You all work together as a team to help develop and finalise the entrepreneur's business plan and a short Dragons' Den style pitch for funding and support.


Our Business Mentors are asked to commit to 8 weeks of mentoring support and donate their time and talents on a voluntary basis. This may be no more than 1- 2 hours per week. We require Business Mentors to follow best practice and observe confidentiality and ethical standards as per the useful information in this link.


All Project ReMAKE mentoring engagements are conducted virtually, on Zoom or other online means.


Next steps

If you are interested in being considered as a Business Mentor, please register your interest by filling out the below form.

Apply to be a Business Mentor

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