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ReMAKE Educational

ReMAKE Educational is an outreach project introducing sixth form pupils to ex-offenders. It is an

opportunity for both sides to come together to talk, share experiences, debate, and learn.  

The project supports ex-offender learning, stimulates informed dialogue in schools about the criminal

justice system and enables pupils to gain an insight into the lives of young people from different

backgrounds.  It is about breaking down barriers and helping pupils understand that ex-offenders are

people wanting to change. 

​Tell Your Story is where the graduates from Project ReMAKE share their personal experiences of

their own pain and struggles with pupils at schools. This form of personal story telling is very

powerful for formerly incarcerated people since it allows them to communicate emotionally with

younger people in a safe non-judgemental environment and to answer questions put by pupils.

The journey started with St Paul’s Girls School, who really embraced Project ReMAKE and were

keen to educate their students through us. Since then, ReMAKE educational has continued on a case-

by-case bases.

Schools, generally the psychology department reach out to us as the course involves aspects of crime

and punishment. We are delighted to help, and we have been lucky to have willing volunteers from

the ReMAKE graduates - notably Omar Mentesh and Andrew O’Brien - who have been quite

outstanding in their interactions with the young people. You can read more about this experience here.


The lead for ReMAKE Educational is Harry Hammond. Harry was a teacher of chemistry for 36

years, as well as taking on roles in pastoral care and partnerships. He has now been with Project

ReMAKE for three years and in addition to ReMAKE Educational, he is involved with the

development of the Project ReMAKE course in universities as well as serves as a trustee within

Project ReMAKE’s board.

Please reach out to Harry Hammond at if you would like your

school to connect with the programme.

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