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Project ReMAKE and ReMAKE Educational are projects working in the Criminal Justice space seeking to help ex-offenders by bringing them into the wider society both in terms of business opportunity and education. The overall aim of these programmes is to create a community and a better understanding of formally incarcerated people and those with criminal convictions.


Judge Kameel Khan



Our vision is to use the empowerment of entrepreneurship and self- employment to foster the successful re-entry of formerly incarcerated individuals back into society, create a new beginning for their families and a positive change to their life.



Project ReMake is a simple entrepreneurship training programme for formerly incarcerated people. The 12 week programme teaches basic business skills, helping them to build, launch and sustain self-employed businesses.


The project was inspired by a similar programme in the USA, operated by Stanford University – Project ReMADE. 


Our UK programme is following much of the same style and features of the US Stanford Programme, but is independent of it. We work alongside universities to convey their ethos of support, learning, camaraderie, and motivation. Very few of our participants in 2018, 2019 and 2021 have attended a university; this course allows them to become part of the university community and be mentored by students and a faculty.


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